Friday, June 1, 2012

Two dinners, one venue-ish

We have been in the throws of possibly needing to move in a years time, actually that is pretty much set but we do not know yet where... this could open up a multitude of possibilities or limit them drastically. Needless to say, various food projects have been put on hold a bit but have still been pondering on this one.

Given a good opportunity for a decent hall or building and a group of people with an interest in such geekery...

I have also decided to challenge the idea that this (a meal with basis in authenticity) would, or could, only work within a small group for that purpose. This is often where I use my SCA persona's home town example to make an unusual circumstance seem at least more plausible in the very unusual SCA groupings of people from many different time periods and places being in each others company... but it is only one option on dealing with this.

My persona option is where the event is taking place in a very busy port city, people come here via routes from both land and sea so it would not be unusual to see somewhat different looking people. It doesn't take care of all the awkwardness, but it does ease it away somewhat. This is where I can quite happily make a smaller venue or more informal venue with a middling class kick.

The other option would be to make it an occasion with disguises. This would likely be something aiming a bit high though and rather fantastical. With my limited resources, this might take rather long to pull off properly and it would be too easy to have it end up looking rather cheap on an authenticity scale if I rushed it.

That does remind me of the holding of a fair... not to be confused with "ren fair" but from the example of the Dutch Kermesse. This would be ideal for the indoor/outdoor event. Such an event could involve anything from (and on taking from period examples as portrayed in art of the time) plays (think of your mummers), merchants, parading, archery contests, street food (and drink), games... this was an event in itself. People from the nearby cities would go to these when held in small villages and it was an almost a one of a kind experience where different classes would mingle.

The Kermesse (festival), was an event I have been toying with for several years and we have made a go of the festival type event already, though with a far more relaxed approach in the guise of a camping event. I do certainly think there is room for more in the SCA and it would be an interesting, and hopefully fun, exercise to attempt to re-create/invent one as a fun learning experience where we can have events within an event, just like the period model.

For a period feast, I have two options available... Something very informal with offerings of street foot, or something more formal with dinner guests in a small hall... of course, both of these can happen at the same event and could happen at the same feast. It can also fit into an SCA format, popular in some kingdoms/groups, which is the dayboard and feast model. In this case it would be the street-fare and supper invite model (same thing, different names). With a large event however, the sit down meal would likely be easier held as an event within an event but not part of the main venue. The easiest way to determine which rout to go and plan further on, would be to take early reservations and continue planning from there. I like this idea as it is less likely to leave people out and a bit less likely to plan for too many.

This may not have been about table settings or food options, but one's venue and audience is a necessary first step in the planning process...
and that concludes my rambling for the day for this project...

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