Sunday, October 20, 2013

An unexpected rush on the project...

I was convinced into an early run of this... which then got made into an event, which... well... means that I won't have time to collect and do things as carefully as I would have wished and am now hoping this does not negate any future hopes of eventually bringing this up to my standards.

News of late: I did up a very small meal for an Englishman by circumstance who wishes a humble but healthy meal (there was doc. on having a very small dinner... supper would have been much more modest) with his small family. The catch is that he gets much wind from eating turkey but requested the great bird for dinner in a pie. The dinner created featured a turkey pie (whole, deboned turkey in a raised pie with flute on top) and small manchets (about 1/4 sized), a drink (medicinal with spice and sweetened ale, boiled) for his troubles, a preserve of barberries, a pie of hippes, cracknels (with anise, also good for colic) and a posset. (I believe that was it)... much doc. provided.

Sadly, I did not have my good service unpacked so had to borrow to set the table... I did, however, manage to take home the champion's cape... or cloak

One thing, above all, I do enjoy bringing more period style pastries to the table for people to see... touch and taste, something many folk have not experienced so it's quite fun!

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